The 5 most popular Chinese movie stars who made their debut as children

Sohu magazine has named 5 of the brightest and most popular, according to its version, stars of the Chinese film industry who made their debut as children. Here they are and their first roles:

Yang Zi


Her first film appearance was in the dorama “The gateway to the great palace” (2001) when she was 8 years old, playing an apple delivery girl.

Zhang Yi Shan


His first drama is considered “The little Soldier Zhang Ga” (2004), where he played Tung Le, one of the main characters, at the age of 12.

Wu Lei


He started acting in dramas at the age of 5. His first role was as Mao Mao in the drama “Legend and Hero” (released in 2007, but filming started in 2005).

Guan Xiao Tong


She first appeared in a drama in 2001 when she was 4.5 years old, playing a cameo role as a 4-year-old girl (no exact role definition) in “The Rise and Fall of the Sea of Smoke” (the drama was released in 2007, but filming took place in 2001).

Yang Mi


She first acted in a dorama at the age of 4, playing the role of Princess Xianyi as a young girl in the TV series “Tang Dynasty Emperor Xuan Zong” (1990).

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