“15 years since their debut” KARA confirmed their return in full force after 7 years [Officially]

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KARA will return as a full band in November.

On the 19th, RBW announced, “KARA will release an album to celebrate the 15th anniversary of their debut in November, we plan to support KARA members so they can express their feelings as much as possible to their fans.”

The full KARA album is the first in 7 years since the release of the 7th mini-album ‘In Love’ in May 2015. Moreover, it is even more significant as a full album with all five members including Park Gyu Ri, Han Seung Yeon and Heo Young Ji, as well as Nicole and Kang Ji Yeong, who left in 2014.

The album celebrating KARA‘s 15th anniversary will be released by RBW, which acquired the original agency KARA DSP Media. The members expressed their desire to enjoy with their fans an album full of happy and vibrant energy like a festival, as it is an album made for fans who have been sending love and support for a long time with fond feelings.

In addition, KARA are planning to appear in various TV shows to coincide with the release of this 15th anniversary album, which further raises all of the expectations.

KARA debuted in 2007 with their first studio album ‘Blooming’, ‘Lupin’, ‘STEP’, ‘Mr.’, ‘Pretty Girl’ and ‘Honey’. Every song released, such as “Mamma Mia”, “Jumping” and “Wanna”, became a hit and was loved by the public as “a representative second generation female group”.

The group will begin full-scale work on an album to present fans with high-quality music in November.

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