Junhui’s (SEVENTEEN) solo digital single “LIMBO” released

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On the 23rd at 1pm (Korean time), Junhui released the Korean and Chinese versions of the digital single “LIMBO” simultaneously on all music platforms. This is his solo song that will be released for the first time in about 1 year and 7 months since the release of “Silent Boarding Gate” and “Can You Sit by My Side?” Through photos and video trailers, a new dark and sensual concept has been revealed, which has attracted fan interest even before the release.

“LIMBO,” a song in the dark-pop genre, begins with Junhui‘s sensual narration with gentle R&B-style vocals holding back emotion and a powerful guitar sound in the chorus. The song speaks of a secret place to be shown to lovers who dream of true love but doubt, It speaks of a space created by the feeling of falling in love. “LIMBO” also means a place where you can’t escape the trap.

Junhui participated in the songwriting and composition, not only expressing his own musical colors, but also adding his own perfect performance expression to enhance the song’s perfection. The music video, which was released with the release of the new song, depicts darkness and sensuality, the process of gradually losing himself from sight, as well as his narcissistic figure as he seeks to charm his lover. The uniqueness and unfettered range of music that Junhui displays in “LIMBO” is truly compelling.

translator: chang

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