Son saved his mother, drowned himself

Yonhap News interview with the loss of a high school student who died in an underground car park in Pohang.

“Dead schoolboy opened the door of his mother stuck in the car and let her escape”

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(Pohang = Yonhap News) Reporter Park Se Jin = “Mom, I love you. Thank you for raising me.”

The last image of a 15-year-old son swept away by Typhoon Hin Nam-no from his 50-year-old mother, found at the site of a housing estate flood in Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

The Kim family, who met with a Yonhap News reporter at the funeral home of Pohang Medical Center in North Gyeongsang Province on the 8th, said, “I didn’t even get to say I love him. it’s too complicated…”.

At the crossroads of life and death, mother Kim (52) could not answer her son, who said: “I love you”, and, unfortunately, this was the last conversation of the mother.”

On the 6th, the day of the accident, Kim followed his mother, who had gone to the underground parking lot before him, to pick up a car, according to a man from Kim’s family who identified himself as his brother-in-law.

Kim, who did not get into the car, found his mother stuck in the car due to a sudden increase in rainwater, unable to open the car door, and then opened the driver’s door to help her escape.

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Meanwhile, the water level in the underground parking lot rose to the chest, and the mother, who decided that it was difficult to go outside due to lack of physical strength, persuaded her son to go out, saying: “You must live alone.”

Ms. Kim, who struggled alone after his son walked to the exit, was rescued by firefighters at 9:41 p.m. on the 6th, 14 hours after being trapped in an underground parking lot. Kim showed signs of hypothermia at the time of the rescue, but was conscious.

When Kim was dramatically saved, the family rejoiced loudly. But this joy did not last long.

Unfortunately, just three hours later, at 0:35 am on the 7th, her son was found in cardiac arrest near the stairs behind the underground car park.

About 12 hours after being rescued, she was transferred from the intensive care unit to a general ward and is said to be making a gradual recovery.

However, they say that she was in great shock when she found out that there was no son next to him.

A Pohang City Hall official said, “Kim’s mother still can’t accept reality, saying, ‘Why am I here and where is my son?’

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