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The owner of the car had an accident and tried to flee with the words “close your eyes for the first time” or “let it go 1 time”

A man in his 30s caused a car accident involving seven vehicles in the morning in Koyang, Gyeonggi Province. The man, naked, tried to flee the scene.

On the 31st of last month, lawyer Han Moon Chul broadcast live on youtube channel “Hanmun-chul TV” a video of the hit-and-run crime in Koyang City.

The lawyer provided the third and sixth black box (video clip) to investigate the incident.

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In the morning, driver A hit the back of the car and then quickly wanted to flee the scene.

He said to the third party involved in the accident: “Just this once. Please forgive this once, just this once,” he shouted, and then ran away, getting into another car with a (unharmed) small child in it and fleeing the scene.

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The sixth victim started chasing him while reporting him to the police. We blocked traffic back and forth in the morning because of this man with a bare backside – shared the lawyer.

What driver A did next put everyone in shock. He came out with a T-shirt but no underwear. It looked as if “even if the victim dies, I won’t wear underwear”.

The Gyeonggi Police Department, awarded Mr A a charge of fleeing under the Specific Penalties Act.

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It was said that the concentration of alcohol in his blood while driving was at a level equivalent to forfeiting his licence.

“Media reports said that the police had caught him while running away,” the lawyer said.

“The police are already here,” he noted in the video.

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I couldn’t help but cast a glance at where the underwear should have been – says the lawyer. Mr A said he had no clothes, so he borrowed a scarf from the lady from the car next door.

translation: dna

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