Moonbin’s heartbreaking answer to the question, “What words give you the most strength?

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Following the sudden passing of Astro member Moonbin, various online communities have posted tributes to him.

One post on the online community Ducku brought fans to tears.

“Moonbin is not only good at dancing, but also at singing, and many people have been comforted by this song,” the author wrote, posting a song that Moonbin covered. What caught the attention of fans was the caption.

The author captured a conversation between a fan and Moonbin on Twitter.

The fan wrote, “Moonbin, I wonder what kind of words you hear from Aroha (fandom name) make you feel most energized. Please tell me,” to which Moonbin replied, “It’s when he hears the words, ‘Thank you for being a singer,'” much to the chagrin of his fans.

At the end of the post, the author expressed his condolences, saying, “Thank you for being a singer.”

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