Aaron Yan Comes Clean About Romantic Involvement with a Minor and Filming Sexual Content


Famous Taiwanese singer and actor, Aaron Yan, has spoken out about recent scandals that have drawn public attention to him.

Recently, an 17-year-old young man (referred to as “A”) accused Aaron Yan of sexually assaulting him five years ago. Later, on June 20, Aaron Yan published a letter on his social media accounts admitting to his past terrible actions.

Specifically, “A” stated that he had a previous relationship with Aaron Yan, and they even recorded sexual videos together when “A” was a minor. Messages from Aaron Yan pleading with “A” to retract his accusations were also made public. This shocked the entertainment industry. However, instead of displaying fear as seen in the messages with “A,” Aaron Yan expressed gratitude to “A” for speaking up.

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Famous Taiwanese singer and actor confirms romantic involvement with a minor and filming of sexual videos. “Thank you for speaking up and giving me the opportunity to face the ‘delayed-action bomb’ that has been haunting me for so long,” Aaron Yan wrote. He added, “I am not proud of my past. I had distorted perception and engaged in improper behavior in these relationships. As I blindly fall in love, once I enter a relationship, I often lose control.”

Aaron Yan emphasized his appreciation for his relationship with “A.” He even helped him find a home, paid for his living expenses and education in Taiwan, and bought plane tickets for “A” to meet him.

At the same time, the singer and actor constantly emphasized that their relationship with “A” was consensual and romantic. Aaron Yan acknowledged that disagreements arose between them, leading to their eventual breakup. He did not know how to cope with the breakup in the right way, which resulted in this incident.

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Additionally, Aaron Yan admitted that the personal photos of him and “A” that leaked online in 2018 were real and hinted that they were leaked from someone else’s phone. According to Aaron, he made every effort to contact lawyers and remove these photos from all platforms.

Famous Taiwanese singer and actor confirms romantic involvement with a minor and filming of sexual videos. “Once again, I want to apologize to everyone. I used to be a terrible person, which is why I spent a lot of time seeking help and advice. I know I must confront this face-to-face instead of running away. I sincerely regret and analyze my actions, and I don’t want to disappoint myself and those who have shown warmth and care towards me. This is who I am now. If you want, I am genuinely ready to meet you in person and apologize. I am also willing to be there for you when you are in pain, and I hope to do everything to make amends in the future,” Aaron Yan wrote in the letter.

Aaron Yan (born in 1985) was a member of the once-popular Asian boy band Fahrenheit, along with Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, and Wu Chun. In July 2018, personal photos of Aaron Yan with his former lover were leaked online, revealing his non-traditional orientation.