Singer and actress IU said she is undergoing treatment for a gaping auditory tube


On the 18th, IU‘s “Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” concert was held at the main Olympic Stadium in Chamsil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, at 7 p.m. The concert lasted two days.

The artist went on stage that day with an encore of “Love poem,” and she admitted that the performance was actually a bit difficult.
The artist also shared that usually the beginning of a concert seems to be the hardest, the second day is much easier to hear a quiet voice, but, in fact, IU was preparing for the concert with a small problem with her ear.

“The situation in which a performance can turn out bad is not very serious, but it’s been going on for 1 year,” IU shared. “I was thinking about, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if it worked out today’ or ‘Wouldn’t it be nice if I didn’t have ear pain today?

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The artist also added: “Luckily my throat was fine, but after last night’s performance my ear got a little worse, and from last night to tonight’s rehearsal it was like hell. I started singing the first song thinking ‘totally don’t know what’s going to happen,’ but I think it’s because of you that tonight’s performance went great.”

IU also admitted in a teaser video for the concert that she practiced singing for the concert while covering her ears.

Prior to that, IU presented the process of preparing for the concert in the IU documentary “Pieces: Winter of 29 Years Old,” which was released May 29, where she already mentioned her problem.
IU spoke in the documentary about the difficulty the artist has, her hearing is similar to how normal people hear when they yawn, and when singing, the noise gets louder and resonates in their ears.
“I try to make sure my hearing is fine, but unforeseen circumstances can arise,” the artist said. “So whenever possible, I don’t undergo surgery and do treatment on an outpatient basis.”
According to doctors, the pain can be strain-related, with hearing pressure rising even when a person is nervous. It’s easy for the pressure to rise when singing in this condition, and it seems to exacerbate the symptom in the ear. “If you have a gaping auditory tube, you can hear your breathing and the sounds your voice makes when you speak. There are also cases where there is a throbbing noise in your ears or it feels like your ears are filled with something.

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