“Protect Jennie”-Fans of BLACKPINK’s Jennie are urging YG to respond to the leaked photos


Some of Jennie‘s fans, a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, are demanding that YG entertainment agency somehow respond to the leaked photos on the internet.
Recently, a lot of photos have been leaked online that supposedly depict Jennie and her rumored partner Taehyung (V from BTS).
Concerns continue that the two may have been hacked by hackers.
But Jennie‘s agency YG entertainment and Taehyung‘s agency BigHit Music are not expressing any particular stance on whether the rumors about the guys’ relationship and the leaked photos are true or false.
Among them were foreign and domestic fans calling themselves as “Jennie’s World Fandom,” they circulated statements on the 25th and urged the agency to respond.
The statement read, “For the past several weeks, we have consistently conveyed to the agency and the people in charge the seriousness of this situation regarding the protection of Jennie’s privacy, but fan appeals and complaints have failed to yield results.”
Next highlighted ” The photos are widely circulated without a direct relationship between the parties and many people use them with bad intent. And this is a case where YG entertainment should respond strictly by law to serious interference
In the personal lives of artists and ruining their reputation.”
Also expressed the position of ” We understand the sensitivity of the issue and therefore it is difficult to hope for immediate action and a result, but despite this, it is also difficult to understand the prolonged silence of YG entertainment
Thus, “fans want the agency to clearly and officially express the position that they will protect their artists. And demand an official statement that those who have caused harm and spread rumors will be punished by law.
“Protecting their artists is the direct responsibility of the agencies. Please accept our request,” this is how they ended their speech.
Jennie‘s team at BLACKPINK is currently hard at work on the BORN PINK album.

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