Top 5 Provocative Questions BTS Ever Answered


Fans are always interested in learning something new about their idols, but sometimes the questions asked are beyond the bounds of decency.  We bring to your attention 5 provocative questions that BTS members have ever answered.

Fancafe open chat 130920:

Q: Go shopping with boyfriend (in other words gay) or noona?

Jungkook: I choose noona

image 1

Fansign 161026:

Q: How much money does it take to buy you?

Suga: You will need more than 400,000,000,000 won.

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Fansign 161031:

Q: Name 3 members who have the dirtiest minds.


1. Jimin

2. Jimin

3. Jimin

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Fansign 140929:

At one of the 2014 fansigns, Suga had to answer an ambiguous question from a fan. He realized that the fan had put a completely incorrect meaning into the question about the meaning of one of the lines of the song “War of Hormone” and decided to answer her:

image 4
image 5
image 6

Yaman TV 150629:

One of the secrets of the BTS group was revealed on the Yaman TV show.  In order to bring a point to his team, J-Hope decided to reveal what is special about the hyung line.  He admitted that their computer was infected with various viruses.  Then the presenter continued to develop this topic and ultimately stated that Rap Monster is a porn maniac”:

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