Does the new NMIXX song “DICE” show that JYP is incompetent? Does it mean losing out in the competition between the bands?

The new song NMIXX by JYP Entertainment, which is known as the “home” of famous female idol groups, has received a lot of negative feedback among Korean netizens.

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On 9/19, NMIXX released a new song “DICE”, but its complicated concept this time also provoked heated discussion among fans.

The musical identity of NMIXX, which debuted on May 2 of this year, shows itself in the mix-pop, that is the fusion of 2 genres, with a refined jazz sound and a dynamic development that alternates with hip-hop rhythms.

However, there were many dissatisfied with the release among fans, such as: “This kind of combination of genres is hardly appropriate,” “It may be original and fresh for music experts, but difficult in sound for ordinary listeners,” “I feel uncomfortable with the sudden change in style.”
In recent years, there has been a fierce battle among female idol groups. Fans who are concerned about NMIXX‘s position in the industry are becoming more and more numerous.
Fans note the following: “If the masses reject the new idol, it’s over” or “If the sound is not mass-oriented, you will lose to your competition.”

On the other hand, some fans support the current concept, emphasizing the danger posed by a focus on the masses, stressing that it is through a strong identity and a unique concept that artists can withstand the competition.
There seem to be conflicting voices for and against, but there is 1 hope for both. The group NMIXX, which is still not well known to many listeners, will gain further popularity and join the ranks of the top aides.

In fact, NMIXX‘s rivals became famous after a fierce battle unfolded this summer season, which includes bands IVE, LE SSERAFIM, NEWJEANS and others.
Some NMIXX fans are still concerned about the situation and are asking JYP to “change tactics.”

When a Korean fan wrote in the online community that he was not happy with the mix-pop, that the group should be especially careful about mass appreciation, i.e. popularity among the general public, comments from fans who agreed with this statement appeared one after another. Among them, the following are observed: “Mix-pop is JYP’s limit?”, “The company is destroying their potential even though the members are at the top level in their abilities and looks, really a waste of time”, “What if we win the hearts of the masses first, like BLACKPINK, and do the music that we want to do?”, “Should aim for an easy sound”, “Do JYP people follow real charts?”
Is the harsh assessment of Korean fans simply malicious, or is it a sincere expectation of NMIXX‘s growth?

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