Fans are surprised at how Chaeyoung (TWICE) usually spends his free time

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Chaeyoung (TWICE) appeared on the Korean web-show “Get It Cherry Together” on the 13th. During the show, MC Lil Cherry, the owner of a beauty salon, listened to Chaeyoung‘s worries and suggested possible solutions. During the program, Chaeyoung talked about her time alone, which was a real surprise!

Both Lil Lilly and Chaeyoung’s MBTI personality type is INFP. This personality type is so withdrawn that it feels the urge to go home even when you are already at home. This personality type is also known for appreciating time spent with one person more than time spent with a large company. MC Lil asked Chaeyoung about whether she is a homebody, to which she answered, “The interesting thing is that I’m not home that often.” Then how does Chaeyoung usually spend her time?

She continued: “I love walking alone”. On weekends, the idol walks outside. She often visits Kyobo Bunko, a large chain bookstore in Korea. The shop sells not only books, but also CDs and stationery. However, as the shop is always crowded, it can be really embarrassing! “Maybe it’s because I’m short, people don’t notice me,” laughed Chaeyoung.

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Also, sometimes Chaeyoung goes to look at palaces. There are many palaces in South Korea in Seoul, such as Gyeongbokgung Palace and Deoksugung Palace. She explained the reason, “People under 24 years old can visit such places for free, so I try to visit as many as possible.”

Chaeyoung added that she really enjoys walking, so there is no reason for her to turn in her driving licence.

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Such facts about Chaeyoung‘s daily life really surprised fans.

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