“Junyeol’s First Fan” — Hyeri, Ryu Junyeol’s Birthday.

Singer and actress Hyeri showed her continued affection for her boyfriend Ryu Junyeol.

According to a spokesperson for the new OTT dorama “Money Game,” Hyeri donated a coffee van to support Ryu Junyeol, who is starring in “Money Game.”

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The phrases on the banner perfectly expressed their feelings: “Happy Birthday, my beloved Ryu Junyeol” and “Junyeol Fan #1.

You could feel their special love. Hyeri said: “I booked a flight for the ‘Money Games‘ team. We’re going to the Emmys next year,” she added.

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According to one of the staff members, Hyeri personally visited the filming location with a gift of a coffee van. What caught her eye was her extraordinary love for Ryu Junyeol, who celebrated his 37th birthday today.

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Hyeri and Ryu Junyeol are a model couple in the entertainment industry. After appearing together in the tvN series “Answer, 1988” they fell in love with each other and have been dating publicly for six years.

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Meanwhile, “The Money Game” is an 8-episode drama, a new adaptation of the webtunes “Pygame” and “The Money Game” by Pe Jinsu. It is the story of eight participants, their cooperation and confrontation in an isolated space.

Director Han Jae Rim is responsible for the script and direction. In addition to Ryu Junyeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min, Park Hae Joon, Bae Sung Woo, Lee Yeoreum, Lee Joo Young, and Moon Jung Hee are also involved in the filming.

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