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Kwon Eunbi, comeback plan unveiled and countdown to ‘Lethality’ album release

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Kwon Eunbi has released the countdown to her comeback.

Kwon Eunbi‘s agency, Woollim Entertainment, has revealed the timetable for the comeback of Kwon Eunbi’s third mini album “Lethality” via the official SNS channel at 6pm on the 23rd.

The published image shows how many bricks are stacked chaotically in a dark space and it’s unknown where they are, which adds to the mystery and further heightens curiosity about the new album. According to the released comeback plan, Eunbi will open pre-ordering the new mini-album for fans on the 27th and release concept photos on the 28th and 30th.

In addition, various components of the album, such as the track list and music video teaser, will be unveiled in sequence, fuelling interest in the countdown to Kwon Eunbi‘s return. Meanwhile, Eunbi will meet local fans at Japan’s first solo fan meeting “RUBI’S ROOM” in October and November. “RUBI’S ROOM” which will provide an unforgettable fan experience and will be held at Merpark Osaka on October 30 at 3pm and 7pm, and on November 3 at 2pm and 6pm at Toyosu PIT in Tokyo.

The third mini-album will be available on various music platforms at 6pm on 12 October.

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