North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s daughter is spotted at an official event for the first time… Her appearance and clothes are different from others

A girl believed to be the daughter of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was spotted at a North Korean state event for the first time.

According to the British Daily Mail on the 23rd (local time), a girl who looks like Kim Jue (9), Chairman Kim’s second daughter, took the stage for the first time on the 9th to celebrate the 74th anniversary of the establishment of North Korean power.

The girl was one of several children singing in a performance arranged for Chairman Kim and his wife Ri Solju, but experts found the girl to be different from the other children.

Sam Hiro (pseudonym), a blog analyst for InDPRK, a travel agency specializing in North Korea in China, said that at the end of the number, Ri Solju walked right up to the girl, put her hands on her back and talked to her and looked after her until Chairman Kim left. The girl also held the hand of another child who had gotten too close to Chairman Kim.

Sam Heero said there were also a lot of cues in the middle of the show. For example, the camera occasionally focused on the girl or shot her close-up.

The girl also had a different hairstyle and outfit. She was the only one with short hair that was not tied up and the only one who wore white socks.

In all, Chairman Kim has three children. Kim Jue is known as the second child. Kim Jue’s name is known because of an interview with former NBA basketball player Dennis Rodman, who visited North Korea in 2013. Rodman told the press at the time, “Ri Solju only talked about her beautiful daughter. Her name is Kim Jue.”

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