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The radical transformation of Seo In Guk from ‘Project Wolf Hunting’: “It’s fate”

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Seo In Guk expressed satisfaction at his transformation into a villain. At the premiere of “Project Wolf Hunting” held at CGV Yongsan I-Park in Seoul on the 19th, Seo In Guk said: “I’ve always wanted to play a villain, and when you have such a passionate desire, getting the role of Jong-du is like fate itself.”

“My appearance may come as a big surprise, nevertheless, I am very satisfied. It may look like bragging, but at the Toronto Film Festival, a lot of people liked our film and that’s very gratifying. I think our audiences will like it too,” shared the actor.

Seo In Guk played the killer Park Jong-du. From tattoos all over his body, to nude scenes, this is the actor’s most radical transformation in his filmography.

“All characters, good or evil, are a challenge for me and require skills that need to be developed and worked on. And the character of Jong-du occupies an important place among them.”

Project Wolf Hunting” is the story of ferrying hardened criminals across the Pacific Ocean to Korea, under previously unprecedented extreme conditions.

Translated by Uu

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