J-Hope Set to Enlist on April 18th?

j hope

According to insiders, BTS‘s J-Hope will be joining the new recruits training center in Gangwon-do on April 18th. J-Hope will undergo a 5-week basic military training before beginning his active duty service in the Army’s A Division, located in Gangwon-do.

Regarding the enlistment date and location, Big Hit Music, J-Hope’s management company, requested understanding, stating, “The enlistment date and location are difficult to confirm.”

Big Hit Music had previously announced on April 1st that “J-Hope is scheduled to enlist as an active duty soldier in the Army to fulfill his military duty. There will be no official events on the day he enters the new recruits training center.”

J-Hope also shared a photo of his newly cropped hair on social media on the 8th. Following Jin, J-Hope will be the second member of BTS to enlist.