“My sister Sua…” The late Moonbin’s New Year’s wish for 2023…brings tears to my eyes

With the sudden passing of group ASTRO member Moonbin, his New Year’s wishes for 2023 are being revisited.

On the 20th, an article titled “Moonbin’s 2023 Wishes” was posted on internet communities such as Fem Korea.

The post included a scene from the MBC entertainment program “Hojeongmate,” which aired on January 10. The program featured Moonbin and his younger brother, Group Billy member Moon Soo Ah.

On that day, while dining with Moonbin, Moon Soo Ah said, “I relied on my brother a lot when I was wondering if this was the right path,” and thanked him, saying, “Just the fact that he picks up the phone makes me think, ‘I have someone on my side.

문빈이 갑작스럽게 세상을 떠났다. / 뉴스1

“I had a lot of worries before my debut. He always said, ‘Do what you want to do,’ and I felt like he didn’t care about me.” “Then one day, he said, ‘I want you to be a singer,’ and I thought that was what I needed to hear. “Then one day he said, ‘I want you to be a singer,’ and I thought that’s what I needed to hear, and I felt empowered,” he says sincerely.

The siblings then went bungee jumping together for the New Year. Moon Soo-ah jumped first after shouting, “Billy, let’s make it big,” as a wish for 2023. After completing the bungee jump, Moon Soo-ah looked up and cheered for her brother.

I hope Soo-ah is always happy
Next, it was Moonbin‘s turn to jump. Moonbin’s wish for 2023 impressed everyone. He said, “I want my sister to be happy,” revealing that his biggest wish is for her to be happy.

문수아가 새해 소망을 전했다. / 이하 MBC '호적메이트'
Moon Soo Ah shared her New Year’s wishes. / Hereinafter MBC’s ‘Hojeongmate’
문빈이 동생의 의젓한 모습에 흐뭇해했다.
Moon Bin smiled at his younger sister’s demure demeanor.
문빈이 동생의 행복을 바랐다.
MoonBin wanted his sister to be happy.
문빈이 2023년 새해 소망을 전했다.

Viewers commented, “It’s so heartbreaking to watch from behind as my brother shouts, ‘Billy, let’s make it big!'”, “So sad. I can’t believe it,” “I hope the family is strong,” “I feel like I’m going to cry,” “My heart is broken…” and “RIP,” among others.

According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on Tuesday, Moonbin was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul at around 8:10 p.m. on Nov. 19. He was 25 years old.

His manager found him dead and called the police. Police are reportedly investigating the exact cause of death. His body will be laid to rest at Asan Hospital Funeral Home in Seoul. He is survived by his wife, Moon Soo-ah.

문빈, 문수아 남매. / 빌리 트위터