“When I saw the late Moonbin recently…” Jang Jang Kyu, who was hosting the live broadcast, finally burst into tears

Broadcaster Jang Jang Kyu broke down in tears during a live radio broadcast to announce the death of group ASTRO’s Moonbin.

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Jang Jang-gyu bursts into tears during a live broadcast. / News1

While hosting MBC FM4U’s ‘Good Morning FM Jang Jang Kyu’ on the morning of the 20th, Jang Sung-kyu broke the news of the late Moonbin, who was found dead at his home the previous day (19th).

On that day, a listener sent him a message saying, “It’s so sad that he had so many fans.” “I can’t believe it,” said Jang Jang Gyu, “there was unfortunate news early this morning.”

He continued, “It was reported that group astro Moonbin died at his home. I can’t imagine what happened to him because he was so cheerful the last time I saw him,” and expressed his condolences, saying, “May he rest in peace.” He continued, “First of all, I want to give you strength.”

He then said, “I’m in a position to give you strength, so I’ll try to focus on the broadcast with strength once again,” but in the end, he broke down and burst into tears, breaking the hearts of the listeners.

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At the time of Moon’s appearance.

According to the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on Tuesday, Moonbin was found dead at his home in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, at around 8:10 p.m. the previous day. He was 25 years old.

His manager found him dead and called the police. The police believe that Moonbin made an extreme choice and are investigating the exact cause of death. The deceased’s body has been placed in the funeral home of Seoul Asan Medical Center.

Previously, Jang Jang Kyu and Moonbin appeared together on SBS’s current affairs program “Tale of the Day with a Tail Between Its Teeth 3” in January.

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The body of the deceased was placed in the funeral home of Asan Medical Center in Seoul. / News1