Yang Yang and Li Yi Feng played a BL couple?

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Actors Yang Yang and Li Yi Feng have played in joint projects more than once, for example, in the adventure drama “The Lost Tomb”.

However, on May 6, a video titled “Yang Yang and Li Yi Feng played a couple” suddenly became popular on Weibo, which reminded them of another joint project between the actors. We are talking about the 2014 television series “Youth”. Yang Yang played the role of Nile, while Li Yi Feng played the role of Jian Xi.

A snippet was trending on Weibo in which Yang Yang’s character asked a classmate (Li Yi Feng) to pretend to be his boyfriend in order to deceive his father.

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Fans note that the drama was not so interesting, so no one remembered this collaboration between Yang Yang and Li Yi Feng for a long time. In 2014, the actors were just starting their careers. But now that they’re at the top of their game, netizens won’t miss the opportunity to reminisce about past accomplishments.

Have you watched the drama “Youth”?

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