BTS Recommendations: Top 10 Brands


Every fan is ready to give anything in order to have the same thing as their favorite idol. Many companies are aware of this and often offer collaborations, but sometimes it happens that the stars themselves draw attention to brands without doing anything special and without even having a contract with them. I suggest you find out which brands received random ads from the popular group BTS:

  1. Snickers:
Snickers BTS

2. Coca-Cola:

Coca Cola BTS

3. Sprite:

Sprite BTS

4. Shin Ramyun :

Shin Ramyun BTS

5. Nivea:


6. Vaseline lip therapy:

Vaseline lip therapy BTS

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini:

Fujifilm Instax Mini BTS

8. Canon EOS 700D:

9. Converse:

Converse BTS

10. Be@rbrick:


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