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This BTS manager imprinted on ARMY’s hearts

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A manager is a person who helps idols ease their daily routine. Usually, fans do not notice such people, but not in this case.

Korean netizens were attracted to BTS‘s manager, who was jokingly nicknamed “Park Jimin‘s Personal Manager”. His name is Ji Gae Mae and he got his nickname “Park Jimin‘s Personal Manager” because he is close to Jimin, but he is not actually his personal manager.

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Here are some user comments:

Wow! Has Jimin found someone shorter? Incredible!”;

I love their combination, they look so cute together”;

This manager is very kind and caring. He is always shy of the fans“;

Jimin is like a big brother to him, it’s so funny“;

LOL, this looks so funny that I unwittingly become a Ji Gae Mae fan. I’m sorry Jimin oppa тт тт .”

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