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TOP 7: Complexes BTS members struggled with

2022 05 19 122448337

Every person has different complexes from time to time. Many people overcome it, while for others, on the contrary, complexes begin to grow. We bring to your attention 7 complexes that BTS participants fought against.

Rap Monster and the “extra weight” complex:

Now no one would say that the Rap Monster was once shy of his weight. From childhood to teen years, Rap Monster had a complex associated with extra pounds. He mentioned this during the broadcast of the show Same Bed, Different Dreams.

2022 05 19 120426975
2022 05 19 120449884

When he was accepted into Big Hit Entertainment, Rap Monster was forced to follow a diet along with physical exercise. Thus, even before the official debut of BTS, he was able to get out not only of extra weight, but also of his complex.

2022 05 19 120601935
2022 05 19 120625638

Jin and the complex of “crooked” fingers:

Many people notice that Jin’s fingers are anatomically arranged differently than most people’s. Until recently, Jin was very shy about his fingers and tried to translate any questions related to them into a joke.

2022 05 19 121222521
2022 05 19 120819470
2022 05 19 120840235

He accepted himself and is currently delighting fans with his air kisses.

Suga and the “women’s legs” complex:

Perhaps this complex has returned to Suga more than once. His legs are very thin and, according to his words, he does not manage to gain muscle mass in his legs. Since the debut, fans have noticed more than once how Suga’s opinion about her legs has changed:

Tweet from 130126:

My name is Suga. I’m still an intern, but my legs are as good as SNSD’s.

2022 05 19 121250753

Radio interview from 140507

Host: About your legs, I heard that you can compete with girls’ groups.

Suga: Would you like to see it?

Host: Of course!

Suga: I don’t eat very much and often lose weight. Because of this, there are difficulties with clothes, most of the pants are too big for me.

Host: What size do you wear?

Suga: About… 28? Or 29? I’ve been exercising a lot, but it still didn’t work out to gain muscle mass.

Host: And what do the fans say about this?

Suga: They’re jealous…

Nowadays, fans have increasingly begun to notice changes in his figure:

2022 05 19 121735287
2022 05 19 121751047

J-Hope and the “crooked teeth” complex:

2022 05 19 121809302

Before the group’s debut, J-Hope put braces on. In some pre-debut photos, you can see that J-Hope tried not to show his teeth.

2022 05 19 121826974
2022 05 19 121845882

However, before BTS debuted, J-Hope took off his braces and also got rid of his complex.

2022 05 19 121903959

Jimin and the complex of a “clean” face:

In his debut days, Jimin often tried to hide his face if he wasn’t wearing makeup. He thought he didn’t look so attractive without it, so he always tried to put on makeup or hide his face from the cameras.

This complex disappeared when fans asked him to stop being shy. Now Jimin easily shows his face without any makeup.

V and the “double eyelid” complex:

The “double” eyelid is considered one of the standards of beauty in Korea, but the paradox is that V has a complex of “double” eyelids. In 2015, V posted his photos on Twitter, captioning them: “It seems that a double eyelid has settled on one side. No matter how hard I try to get rid of it, it will not disappear. Looks like I just have to keep living with it. Thank you for 21 years of life without double eyelids, now I will demonstrate a new look. Please don’t reject me, thank you.”

2022 05 19 122220851
2022 05 19 122242695

Jungkook and the “growth” complex:

Since his debut, Jungkook dreamed of high growth and often mentioned it. He was afraid that he would not be able to grow up and would stay short.

Radio interview from 140507:

Host: As a high school student, what are you most worried about?

Jungkook: Um… about your height?

Host: Why? Do you want to become even taller?

Jungkook: I’m 177 cm now.

Suga: In my opinion, he has already grown over 180 cm. I’ve known Jungkook since he entered the eighth grade. Then he was still shorter than me

Jungkook: But I want to grow at least to 182 cm.

2022 05 19 122307049
2022 05 19 122321769

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