Police found the suspected multimillionaire killer, after 26 years of searching.

A Chinese man suspected of murder has been in hiding for 26 years, he become a multimillionaire during this time. It was discovered by checking the archives with violators of the law on the prohibition of gambling.

The crux of the matter

In May 1996, in a village in Heilongjiang Province, some Mo (unknown name, because in press is not allowed to use the real name of person) the suspected killer was around 20 years at that moment. And from the same village were brothers Shi, they quarreled with Mo because of irrigation canals on the fields, they did not want to go on concessions to each other.

Sometimes Mo started the fight, sometimes brothers Shi started the fight. The headman of the village stopped the fights, after he sent them home.

By the way Mo could not sleep that night, suddenly thought that he fought too often in his village and fussed over trifles. So he decided the next morning to go to the city and get a job there.

But while he was in the city, a family member suddenly called him and told him that the oldest of the Shi brothers had been hospitalized with serious injuries. At first, Mo did not take it seriously, but then he saw an ad on TV, he is on the wanted list – the oldest of brothers had died. Then in panic Mo decided to go away as far as possible, to Guangzhou.

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In Guangzhou for a few years he had low income from different side jobs, at each place of work he introduced himself as a different persons. Then Mo decided to organize his own business. He managed to take some business courses under an assumed name, and then went to Hangzhou, where he was able to start a clothing business.

Things went well. He opened stores and there were good sales. Also Mo bought commercial properties, he had a expensive car and a luxurious house. Everything was registered on a different name. The total cost of all this was something like 30 million yuan.

Mo also had a girlfriend, she even had a child from him, a daughter. But he was afraid that the police would find him, so Mo did not do official register about marring with her, and after the girlfriend left him.

The police managed to capture him when the department of Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province checked the archives for violators. One of the police officers found that the photo of one Li, who was arrested in 2013 for violating the law against gambling, did not match the photo from his identity card. But the intruder, in a strange way, was very similar to the suspect in the murder committed 26 years ago.

As a result, after the checks, Mo managed to be detained. He confessed everything to police and said that if he could go back in time and change what happened then, he would give all his millions for it. An investigation is currently ongoing.