Park Bo Gum’s Lunar Acting Career

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The name Park Bo Gum is translated from Chinese as “precious sword”, which is interpreted as “a weapon that is used for good.”

Famous Korean drama actor Park Bo Gum has been an idol for many since 2011, making his debut in the film Blind Woman. Since then, the actor has significantly expanded his filmography, playing both positive and negative roles. Park Bo Gum‘s real fame came with his starring role in the TV series Reply 1988. He has received more than 25 honorary awards for his achievements in film, TV and music, including the prestigious KBS Drama Awards and Asia Artist Awards.

So let’s take a look at the acting path that he has gone through until today.


The actor played his first role in an episodic role in the thriller Blind Woman (2011). Park Bo Gum played the lead character’s brother who dies in a car accident.

The following year, Park Bo Gum was lucky enough to play several supporting roles in the movie Runway Cop, the KBS2 special drama Still Picture, and the drama Bridal Mask.

In 2013, Bo Gum landed his first leading role in the drama Wonderful Mama. In the series, the actor played the role of the spoiled and capricious Go Young Joon. After the release of the drama, the actor’s fan base increased noticeably and he invited to shoot more often.

2014 was the most prolific year for the actor for projects: he starred in three feature films and two dramas. At the beginning of the year, the full-length film A Hard Day released on the big screens, Bo Gum played a minor character – officer Lee Jin Ho. A few weeks later, The Admiral: Roaring Currents hit theaters, winning several awards at various festivals and grossing US$132 million at the box office.


In August of the same year, the drama “Wonderful Days” began airing, in which Park Bo Gum played the main character in his youth. Although the young actor did not have much screen time, he remembered by the audience for his soulful acting. А few months later, the broadcast of the series “Naeil Cantabile” began. In the project, Bo Gum played a character named Lee Yoon Ho, a famous cellist who left music due to a hand injury. For these roles, Park awarded Best New Actor at the annual KBS Drama Awards.

While improving as an actor, Park Bo Gum decided to play a negative character. In the crime drama “Remember You“, a young man got used to the role of a serial killer. For moving away from his previous “good boy” image, Bo Gum received rave reviews from viewers and film critics, and won the “Popularity” and “Best New Actor” awards at the annual KBS Drama Awards.

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The drama “Reply 1988” set in Seoul in 1988 became a real hit, collecting 18% of the viewership rating. And the role of the baduk player Choi Taek elevated Bo Gum to the lists of the most popular actors not only in South Korea, but also abroad. He began to be calls “the representative of the new generation of the Korean wave”. Immediately after the end of the broadcast of the series, the actor awarded the “Best International Artist” award at the Chinese Music Awards, and the American Internet resource DramaFever named Bo Gum “Best Rising Star”.


It is noteworthy that even at the casting of the drama “Reply 1988”, the writers noticed a lot of similarities between Park Bo Gum and Choi Taek. The young actor, like his character, does not drive well, does not know how to swear, does not drink alcohol and prefers a simple style of clothing.

In 2016, Bo Gum agreed to star in the historical drama Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, based on the manhwa of the same name by Yong Yusu. The role of Crown Prince Yi Yong was Bo Gum’s first role in a Korean historical drama.


With a 23% viewership rating, the drama became not only a domestic hit but also an international one. The popularity of the drama called “Moon Syndrome“.

In 2018, Park Bo Gum began acting in the drama “Boyfriend” along with star partner Song Hye Kyo.

In 2019, Park Bo Gum made a short but stunning cameo in the popular drama Itaewon Class. It may not be much, but we promise it will make your heart flutter.

2020, Park played a person who works as a model while trying to become an actor.

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After the release of drama, the actor entered military duties on August 31, 2020 and served in the Naval Music Corps.

In the spring of 2021, Bo Gum‘s film “Seobok” released, he played the role of a human clone who has the secret of eternal life and hunted by the military.

After completing his mandatory military service, there has not yet been any news about his future projects. Loyal fans are already waiting to see him on screen again! The actor recently attended a fashion show of renowned French fashion house CELINE, along with his friend BTS‘s V and global brand ambassador Lisa of BLACKPINK.

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