And a little more about gender intrigue in reality: In China, a man decided to disguise himself as a woman to rob a store

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In Shanghai, China, a man wanted to rob a grocery store checkout. To do this, he realized the gender intrigue in reality, disguised as a woman.

He put on his wife’s dress and wrapped a towel around his head. However, when studying records from surveillance cameras located at retail outlets near the store (there were no cameras in the store itself), the attention of the police was attracted by a woman who walked like a man. Besides, the “lady” was too tall. As a result, the police suggested that it could be a male thief who clumsily disguised himself as a woman.

It also turned out that there were no signs of hacking, and the thief used the key that the store owner did not take with him, but hid it near the store in a special place, which only the employees knew about. There was speculation that a former employee of the outlet could have done this, and after checking the footage from the surveillance camera with photos of recently fired workers, this was confirmed. Currently, the attacker has been captured, and the money that he did not have time to spend has been returned to the store.

translator: dna

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