A fan of a Chinese singer accused her of finding her a place in a new group after leaving the old one, but she betrayed her trust


Fans for the sake of their idols are ready for almost anything. However, sometimes the result of their efforts is too offensive and disappointing for them. This is exactly what happened to a fan of singer Qi Jing, a former member of SNH48.


She complained about it in a long post on Weibo, saying that when she found out that Qi Jing wanted to leave the group, she decided to help her with her future career. The fan agreed with her friend’s company and even spent her money, including so that the singer could pay the agency, to which the group SNH48 belonged, a penalty for breach of contract.

According to the fan, she, not wanting to put pressure on her favorite star, said that the company was not directly connected with her, and she only put in a little word. Qi Jing seemed to agree to everything and even said that she was touched by such an attitude.

Thanks to a fan, a lawyer was found so that the singer left SNH48, and then trainings were organized for vocals and other things. In order for the artist to communicate with fans, conducting live broadcasts to promote a new project, the fan also bought her all the necessary equipment, including a good computer, with her own money. And even delivered it personally to Qi Jing, fearing that there could be difficulties due to the worsening situation with the coronavirus in Shanghai, where the singer lived.

And then, in order to speed up the termination of the contract, the fan decided that it was worth paying more forfeit, and transferred the money to the singer. Then, when it came time to sign a contract with the company found by the fan, Qi Jing refused, saying that too much work was coming out. The fan accepted this too, convincing her friend to make the conditions for her idol as good as possible, and deciding to pay part of her monthly salary out of her own pocket.

And then everything seemed fine at first. Qi Jing held the first broadcast to promote her new look and even took part in the filming of the music video. However, then the artist was noticed with a guy, because of the relationship with which, apparently, there were problems even while participating in SNH48. Because of this, a fan friend decided to break the contract with the singer. However, the fan, although she was uncomfortable with such an attitude, decided to help the artist, saying that she was ready to pay her, together with a friend, a decent amount of compensation for violation of the agreements.

Qi Jing responded by texting the bank account address she wanted the amount to be sent to without words, thankful and touched. And then suddenly it turned out that she had arranged for her to be taken to another group in another agency. She accused this admirer of persecution and spreading slander about her.

That is why, as the fan noted, she decided to tell all this in order to clarify everything. She noted that she did partially act on emotions, but still sincerely wanted to help Qi Jing, and the result disappointed her.

In the comments to this post, the fan was suggested to contact the police in order to at least return the money spent. Qi Jing herself has not commented yet.

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