The owner of the house that Chinese Internet celebrity wanted to rent was attacked online for calling her “aunty”


Chinese internet celebrity beautychf is a beauty blogger. She is not the most popular beauty blogger among Chinese, but in general, she used to make a good impression, as she always made quite high-quality content. However, recently beautychf, due to a small situation, spoiled her reputation, and another person, namely the mistress of the house, which she wanted to rent with her 7-year-old son, was subjected to a flurry of attacks on the Web.

The blogger decided to rent a house so that her child would have enough space to play. She contacted the owner of the house she was interested in by phone, but she, being a young girl who had recently graduated from college, as the Internet star later said, called her “aunty” in a conversation. beautychf didn’t complain on the phone, didn’t ask to be called differently, but later filmed a video and complained to subscribers.

At the same time, it is worth noting that there has not yet been a personal meeting, that is, the owner of the house did not evaluate the Internet celebrity in appearance. However, beautychf indignantly stated that she would now have to get up at 3am to put on makeup before meeting her opponent.

As a result, this behavior has already outraged netizens. In China, women may be politely referred to as sisters, aunties or grandmothers, but this does not always indicate age, according to Sohu. A “sister” may be over 60, but the one who will be called a grandmother is not always even 40 years old. Therefore, to perceive this as an insult, without clarifying the reasons and circumstances, to put it mildly, is not entirely appropriate.

However, many beautychf fans still supported her. They attacked the owner of the house, saying that her words were humiliating. She even began to predict problems with work due to a rude attitude and almost poverty.

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