Taiwanese rapper accused of attempted rape for reaching out to touch


On July 16 of this year, a wig shop saleswoman complained online that a certain celebrity had tried to rape her. In the end, it turned out that it was Zhou Li Ming, the maknae of the Taiwanese rap group Machi.

The saleswoman showed video from a surveillance camera in a wig store as evidence. Judging by them, the rapper went into the store and began to talk about something, and then suddenly tried to touch the woman, just holding out his hand. Tu, however, was so frightened that she decided to go into the back room. However, Zhou Li Ming went after her and tried to touch her again. Then she pushed him away, and at that he stopped trying to touch, but, according to her, she was so scared that she still cannot move away from it.

Zhou Li Ming confirmed this, saying that he didn’t really remember what happened that day. However, the saleswoman said that she would not take away the application already filed with the police against him. Regardless of the reason for his inappropriate behavior, it frightened her in one way or another.

From the author: the author, of course, does not approve of the violence of men against women, however, he believes that common sense should be followed here, and in this case there is no given in the reasoning of the saleswoman.

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