Chinese singer decides to quit showbiz after revelation of simultaneous relationship with 4 girls

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Chinese singer Xiaohong, who rose to fame after appearing on the show “I Want to Sing With You” for his very clear voice, suddenly announced his retirement from showbiz. The reason was the revelations from his ex-girlfriend.

The girl stated that Xiaohong hid his real age when they were dating. He was 41 years old and said he was younger to date someone who was only 19 years old.

He also dated 3 other girls during their relationship. In other words, Xiaohong had relationships with 4 girls at the same time. However, when the whistle-blower found out about it and called him to account, he said that it was all those 3 girls were fault and that he was a victim of circumstances.

However, as the whistleblower found out, it was the singer who was actually taking advantage of the girls. When there were some problems in a relationship with one girl, or even when she was just depressed about something personal, he would look for the beauties and then force them to give his phone number and communicate with him, manipulating the fact that, with his celebrity status, he could spread rumours and cause problems to the beauties, ruining his reputation in case of refusal.

The whistleblower’s account of all this was accompanied by photos as well as screenshots of correspondence. Xiaohong has since fully admitted his guilt and wrote on his account that he was sorry to his fans and that he was leaving the industry.

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