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“Don’t spend money, don’t love”: Blogger and assistant to a famous Chinese actor and comedian accused fans of being greedy


The assistant of the famous Chinese actor and comedian Guo Degang, a certain blogger Wang Nan, caused huge outrage on the Web when he started a live broadcast and accused fans of being greedy. According to him, those who do not spend money do not really love their idols.

The reason was that during the last live broadcast, fans spent too much money on him. Less than 100 thousand. Only one fan on the platform where the broadcast was held reached only level 34 gifts. But the desired level 50 and 60, which involved spending a very decent amount of money, did not work out.

Fans began to write in response that Wang Nan should be better. Not just to be an assistant to a famous actor and broadcast, but to show some outstanding talents. In response, Wang Nan was offended, saying that his talents are already visible to everyone who really wants to see them.

As a result, the fans began to advise him to calm down anyway, because the fact that he is chatting during the broadcast can be found out by Guo Degang himself. Wang Nan did not calm down, saying that his superiors would not do anything to him, since he, they say, does not insult someone specifically by calling them by their first names, but just talks abstractly about everyone. As a result, although naming a name, he began to allow himself rudeness towards some fans, while using quotes from Go Degang’s performances twisted in the manner of insults.

Because of this, there was such a fuss that it even attracted the attention of some Chinese media. When one reporter called Guo Degang’s agency, it turned out that Wang Nan had received punishment for his behavior: he had been fired for a serious violation of corporate discipline.

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