Rumor about Chinese Weinstein: Famous director Zhang Yimou was accused of organizing auditions for young actresses for the sake of sex

American filmmaker, producer Harvey Weinstein, “famous” due to the fact that dozens of actresses accused him of sexual harassment, and as a result he was sentenced to 23 years in prison. The rumor about the Chinese filmmaker, the famous director Zhang Yimou, has certain similarities with the Weinstein case, although so far, due to the lack of evidence, it cannot lead to such serious consequences.

Director Chen Jian recently stated on the Net that Zhang Yimou arranged auditions for young actresses solely to sleep with them. So it was with his current wife, who is 32 years younger than the 72 year old filmmaker. Zhang Yimou persuaded her to have sex at a casting when she was only 17 years old.

According to Chen Jian, he might not say anything like that, but Zhang Yimou puts too much pressure on young directors like him. He simply does not allow them to develop properly in order to maintain his high position himself.

Given the reason for which this was made, the accusations may turn out to be slander. However, as noted on the Web, given that Zhang Yimou has 4 children from other actresses (plus he has 3 children from his wife), it is quite possible that if not everything is as nightmarish as Chen Jian described, one way or another, it is clearly a stinky not exactly pleasant.

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