Chinese idol threatened fans with suicide, demanded money for sedatives and claimed that Wang Yibo was jealous of him


Fans usually have a lot to forgive their idols. It happens that they find fault with trifles, but more often they defend them, finding an excuse for everything and answering their critics. However, there are some idols whose fans have such a hard time withstanding their behavior that they themselves begin to complain about them on the Web.

This is exactly what Chinese idol Ding Ze Ren, a member of the Lehua Seven NEXT group, is like. According to his fans, now, most likely, the former, he showed them several times on his personal blog a photo with an idol girl, but then showed other photos – and it turned out that the artist was cheating on his girlfriend. The fans were outraged.

Then Ding Ze Ren, realizing this, began to apologize to them and asked them to somehow help remove that photo (you couldn’t delete posts and photos on that blog on your own). Fans, although they considered the idol a cheater, still helped to remove the photo with the exposure.

However, the matter did not end there. Fans then suddenly found out that Ding Ze Ren not only cheated on the female idol, but also insulted her and almost threatened her before. This turned them against him even more.

And then suddenly Ding Ze Ren began to write that he had such a nervous breakdown that he did not want to live. To some fans, he even sent photos and videos in private messages, where he stood on the roof of the building, and wrote that he would like to jump off.


He also claimed that he knew how to recover, calm down, showing pills for this. However, the pills were allegedly very expensive, so he asked fans to help him financially. As a result, some compassionate fans began to send him money. One fan admitted that she sent him 3 million yuan.

However, fans later discovered that Ding Ze Ren did not need money at all. They unearthed that he was buying luxury items for a large amount – apparently, with the same money that was begged from fans.

However, that’s not all. Ding Ze Ren complained to his fans that everyone around him was jealous, and therefore they use their position to try to “lower” as low as possible. So, among the “envious” was Wang Yibo, who, when they participated together in the same show, allegedly danced some kind of impromptu in defiance of Ding Ze Ren. However, although Wang Yibo’s dance looked like an impromptu, it fully suited the conditions of the show, and Ding Ze Ren’s more professional and seemingly prepared dance, as it turned out later, was a plagiarism from the dance of one of the members of the Korean group NCT DREAM.

This artist also spoke out against the members of his own group. So, when the agency chose two members of Lehua Seven NEXT to participate in another show without taking Ding Ze Ren, he stated that one of the members was taken simply so as not to obscure the other. If they took Ding Ze Ren, he would easily outshine his colleague, so the agency decided to deliberately send the most “no” member of Lehua Seven NEXT with a little more charismatic, in order to show off the slightly more charismatic one well on the show.

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