Chinese girl group member’s boyfriend threatens to send him a video of his girlfriend’s colleague taking a bath


The relationship between artists and ordinary people is a special thing. They are often hampered by various rumors about celebrities, because of which the other half, if not self-confident, may think at least that they are not worthy. However, sometimes situations arise when it is the non-star members of the couple who behave extremely ambiguously.

This is exactly what happened to the boyfriend Zhu Liwei, a member of the girl group BEJ-48. He, as the girl herself said, threatened her to make a video of her bandmate taking a bath and send it to him.
Zhu Liwei reported that the boyfriend forced her to hide her phone in the locker room, which was connected to the bathroom, when the group had a break between rooms at a business event. Whether she broke up with him after this and how her bandmate reacted to this is not specified.

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