Not a single kiss in the frame and not a single scandal in 20 years: The “cleanest” Chinese actress

Chinese actresses, who are embarrassed by the need to kiss in the frame, sometimes go for different tricks, like a credit card or dumplings. However, there is one among them that simply refuses the role if it involves kissing, and she has not been seen in any scandal in 20 years of work in the industry. We are talking about the actress Li Xiao Meng, who is called the “cleanest” Chinese actress for this.

When she acted at age 15 in “Who Said I Don’t Care”, she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 21st Golden Rooster Awards, earning her praise and countless fans. However, in the end, over 20 years, she starred in only 11 films, including two feature films.


Li Xiao Meng does not pursue a career, believing, as Sohu notes, that one famous actor in their family is enough. The fact is that she is married to the more famous actor Wang Lei (the same Wang Lei who was born in 1982, not to be confused with the younger namesake), with whom she got along during filming and who currently has three times more film works than his wife. Also, the actress simply does not want to be kissed by anyone other than her husband. Plus, she prefers to spend more time with her family.

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