Three Unspoken Bans of the Chinese Entertainment Industry: Which Celebrities are not Recommended to Chat, Eat and Drink with


In the Chinese entertainment industry, as in the entertainment industry of any other country, there are unspoken rules as well as unspoken “prohibitions”. Here are the three most interesting “bans” against Chinese celebrities, according to Sohu.

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The first “prohibition” is not to talk with Yu Feihong. The fact is that she is too straightforward and open, and also likes to chat. Therefore, she can even tell something personal about herself, and tell about some of her friends’ secrets involuntarily. Because of this, Yu Feihong is extremely rarely even invited to join on a talk show.


The second “prohibition” is not to eat with Gulinazha. Gulinazha regularly posts photos of high-calorie and fatty foods on her social network page, but she is very thin and even continues to lose weight. As noted, she has a very good metabolism, so if a woman sits down with her to eat, thinking about her figure, and therefore not daring to afford a cake, it will be morally very difficult.


The third “prohibition” is not to drink with Jacky Wu. The fact is that Jacky Wu is very strong in drinking alcohol. The amount that will be enough for most to reach an inadequate state, Jacky Wu will only be enough for a little relaxation. Therefore, few people agree to drink with him.

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