Real-life gender intrigue: In China, a fraudster who extorted money from 18 men pretended to be a man herself four times


Normally, a gendered affair where girls dress up as guys and make other guys fall in love with them seems possible only in movies. However, a real-life case has recently been reported in China where a certain con artist who extorted money from 18 men pretended to be a man herself four times.

The abuser, one Wu Mo (name changed as the real name of the non-public person cannot be mentioned in the press), got married in 2012 in the hope of improving her financial situation in this way. However, she did not get the luxury she expected, and she wanted to live well. As a result, Wu Mo first took out a lot of loans to buy herself brand-name clothes.

When the time came to pay them back, she decided to look for someone who could give her that money in a different way than the bank. Her model-like appearance allowed her to attract the attention of men. In the end, she started relationships gradually with 18, on 4 occasions pretending to be a man herself. What she used to do this is not specified.

Wu Mo extorted money from men under the pretext of allegedly sickness of her mother, her brother’s problems or buying something special for both of them. In the end, she swindled about 1 million yuan from one such suitor. At the same time, in order to give her such money, he was forced to take out loans himself.

However, he eventually realised he was being cheated and reported Wu Mo to the police. An investigation is currently underway.

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