Zhao Li Ying criticised for not helping a crew member when she was injured

Chinese actress Zhao Li Ying recently received praise for her new dorama “The Story of Xing Fu“. However, because of what happened during filming, she has been criticised on the Net.

On the day of Zhao Li Ying‘s teaser shoot, it was very hot. She was walking around with a fan and several crew members were following her, which was noted to be somewhat ostentatious.

Suddenly, one of the crew members accidentally bumped into something and fell and her head started bleeding. There was a commotion. Some called for doctors, while others helped stop the bleeding and get up. However, Zhao Li Ying just stood there, not trying to help her in any way.

Because of this, she was criticized as being insensitive. There were, however, those who stood up for her, pointing out that she wasn’t running with the others because of an old back injury. In order to avoid a relapse, Zhao Li Ying did not risk moving unnecessarily.

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