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Either he beats her or he doesn’t pay taxes for her: The situation of a Chinese actress’ assistant has aroused suspicions on the Net


Recently there have been rumours on the net that Chinese actress Jin Jing has been humiliating her assistant by beating and insulting her. Attempts by the actress and her assistant to clarify the situation and assure her that there was nothing of the sort, however, have also led to suspicions that the star does not pay taxes for her employee.

A rumour that spread around the web recently said that Jin Jing has such a terrible temper that she hits and insults her assistant. The actress first wrote a lengthy post on her official Weibo page saying that at first, when she heard about the rumour from her friend, she got angry and wanted to explain because she hates such things, given that she considers herself and tries to act as an extremely calm person who sees joy in everything. But then, she said, she decided not to explain everything in great detail, because her acquaintances do not believe the rumour and others do not care as much for her.

Nevertheless, in the comments under her own post, Jin Jing did write that she does not hit or insult her assistant. If she makes a mistake, the actress simply fines her by deducting a certain amount from her salary.

However, this explanation has caused new discontent on the Network. According to users, such fines for mistakes are no better than beatings.

Jin Jing apologised for what she said in the comments and explained that the assistant’s salary even after the maximum fine (of 5,000 yuan) does not become zero because it equals 8,000 yuan. Also at the end of the year, according to the actress, she usually pays back everything deducted in the form of a five-fold bonus.

Jin Jing‘s assistant also decided to speak up for her employer. She noted that if she was allegedly such a bad employee that she even had to be abused, the actress should have secretly already looked for another assistant. She also showed screenshots of her salary accrual in the comments. However, here the net users were already amazed that the salary was accrued as a regular transfer from one bank card to another. This raised questions as to whether Jin Jing was paying taxes for her assistant.

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