“Ugly monsters”: Taiwanese actress criticised those peddling gossip about her alleged pregnancy


Some time ago, Taiwanese actress Joe Chen commented in a lengthy post on rumours about her pregnancy, which started appearing regularly after she got married. Joe Chen then noted that apparently whether she was pregnant or not was important for so many people to know, as all her photos were monitored with incredible care.

She put on a bit of weight, which became visible – it was claimed that she was probably pregnant. She accidentally touched her belly – then the network claimed that she was one hundred percent pregnant. When the actress denied the fact, she was immediately accused of either intentionally published a photo of herself touching her belly to make a hit on the topic of her pregnancy, or she didn’t want to confess until she gave birth, or she miscarried and was too ashamed to admit it. Joe Chen then asked a question:

Why are these people so mean to a woman?

However, the post did not improve the situation. The gossip about Joe Chen‘s alleged pregnancy has recently resurfaced on social media. As a result, the actress criticised these individuals in a new post, calling them “ugly monsters” whose lives are apparently so miserable that they deliberately behave in a hostile manner towards others. However, she also noted that she doesn’t care about these “monsters” now. Let them continue to be angry and she has her fans and for their love she is grateful. Instead of worrying about “ugly monsters”, she would rather go shopping and eat something yummy.

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