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“Between Marriage and Divorce”. SEO Sarang talked about domestic violence

SEO Sarang, a former member of “O My Jewel,” said that she was attacked by her husband Lee Jong Hwan.

On the 17th, SEO Sarang posted a long text and photo on her Instagram, saying: “I’m very sorry to come to you with this situation.” She added: “I am now in hiding after my husband beat me.”

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SEO Sarang said: “Even though I was holding the child’s hand, he beat me, punched me in the face, and kicked me, just because I was late from my meeting with the staff.

“The child was also hurt, and in front of him he said to me, ‘I will kill you,’ and he pulled out a kitchen knife and chased me after hitting me, I barely had time to grab the child. and run out barefoot.”

SEO Sarang then went to her neighbors and the police, but the police said it was just an ordinary spousal quarrel and only wrote a report and sent it back.

She added: “My husband had assaulted me before, he was not allowed access to me, even though I had reported domestic violence repeatedly.”

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SEO Sarang is currently receiving treatment at a hospital. In the photo released of the assault claim, there were bruises on her face, including her eyes, and swollen bruises . There were also injuries and bruises on her arms . She also photographed her hair cut in half.

SEO Sarang lived in a dormitory with her daughter. She explained, “I need to feed my child, so I go to the nearest store, but I’m scared, so I can’t move around normally. I didn’t even have water to give my daughter.” I feel haunted even when I go to the bathroom . It feels like I’ve left a scar that I can’t wash off, so my heart is really pounding and I’m torn.”

SEO Sarang also claimed that Lee Jong Hwan had been spreading rumors to SEO Sarang’s acquaintances.

She appealed to the public : “I really only want to protect the child,” “I have to move and go outside to file a complaint and solve the case.”

Lee Jong Hwan issued a statement via Wikitree on the same day. “I don’t know the extent of the attack, but I never attacked my wife,” he denied.

Meanwhile, SEO Sarang and Lee Jong Hwan appeared as a couple contemplating divorce on the TV show “Between Marriage and Divorce” in May. They decided to repair their relationship through the airwaves and continue their relationship as a couple for the final election .

<Below is the full text of SEO Sarang’s Instagram post.

“Hello, this is SaRang.
First of all, I am so sorry to say hello to you in a bad situation. I think everyone who watched the show knows that my husband has anger control disorder.

I am now running away after being beaten and assaulted by my husband.
He beat me up after I returned with my child from dinner with my co-workers. Despite the fact that I was holding our daughter’s hand, he punched me in the face, threw me on my back, and started kicking me.
The child was also hurt, but he said to me “I will kill you” and chased me with a kitchen knife. I managed to grab the child and run away from him.

I asked the neighbors to report it, but they didn’t help. Even though my face became that way, the police sent me back with a simple report only as a simple spousal altercation.

My husband also stole my cell phone and wallet.

I told the police that my husband had an anger control disorder and I brought nothing to save the baby or myself, so I asked the police to move us to another area.

Before the police arrived, my husband didn’t believe me, saying there was no evidence because he had already cleaned up.

In addition, the two police officers said that there was nothing they could do because all the evidence was to check if my phone and wallet were in a box in my husband’s room.

My husband had assaulted me before, he was not allowed access to me, although I repeatedly reported incidents of domestic violence.

I have now been diagnosed in the hospital and my cheeks are so swollen that I have been told to have a KT scan with a plastic surgeon.

Seeing my parents with this face, bruised and sore body is so heartbreaking that I can’t even go to them, so I go to the hospital with the baby in the nearest dorm, trembling with fear that my husband might come. But I need to protect the baby, so I’m hanging in there.

I have to feed the baby, so even if I go to the nearest store, I can’t wring myself normally because I’m afraid.

My daughter said to me, “I saw Daddy hit you. I’ll give you medicine. I’ll protect you.
It’s sad that daddy hit mommy and hurt mommy.

I hate that a child is telling me this because her father drove us to this state. I don’t even have water to give my daughter. It’s like I’m an outsider in this game.
I try not to cry in front of my daughter.

He spreads rumors about me to our significant others, lies to them that I came and asked on my knees not to divorce. I can’t take it anymore.

I am writing this because even the police did not help me.

Now I can’t even open my eyes, my face is very swollen, my hair keeps falling out, I can’t hear well in one ear, but my hearing is slowly coming back.

Despite my condition, despite the fact that the restraining order is quick, the police turned the case into a simple spousal fight.

He threatened to kill me, so I am writing this letter.

I hope you will trust me no matter what article comes out.

I really want to protect my child.

I will never leave a child born to this man.

Also, if reporters on my husband’s side make false statements or slander, we will hire a lawyer in all areas to respond, and we will take legal action without condescension.

If I had to file a complaint and disclose the case, I would have to move and go out on the street, but I wanted to get a restraining order first in case I encountered one , so I am posting this.

Under the circumstances, it looks like I won’t be able to continue my work for now…

I am very sorry that I have shown an irresponsible side, even though I promised to be happy.

I will contact you with good news as soon as the matter is settled.

translator: dna

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