“Is the point of what happened whether the parents were quarantined because of the coronavirus?” Police behavior regarding the rape case of a 12-year-old girl infuriated users of the Network


Recently, rumors surfaced on the Web that a 12-year-old girl, a resident of Jiangxi Province, China, had been raped by the secretary of the local Communist Party committee. It was alleged that her parents were not at home at the time, but were under quarantine due to the coronavirus.

This information caused a great public outcry. As a result, the local police announced that they had opened an investigation.

However, the report in the investigation infuriated Web users. The police only stated that the girl’s parents were not quarantined at the time of the incident. It was not even stated whether they were home at the time. There was also no information about the suspect or other circumstances of the case.

Web users began asking, “Is the point of what happened whether the parents were quarantined because of the coronavirus?” They wondered if there would be no further investigation since that fact was found out. It is worth noting, however, that so far an article praising the measures taken by the alleged rapist to combat the pandemic has been deleted from the local government’s official WeChat account.

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