Husband says he fears every day because of the “chrysalis” made by his wife, a knitting genius

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There will be no reason for anyone to stay with dolls 1 on 1.

But the man here is terrified every day because of his wife who is too good at knitting.

Recently, various online communities have been revisiting the story of a man who became a hot topic in the US last year.

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In February last year, a “funny” story was posted on the “CllrBattley” Twitter account, along with an image of a doll made with knitting needles.

“My wife Lola will be selling the dolls she knits this Saturday and all proceeds will go to the community center,” he said. “Please buy one. She made 600 of these dolls.”

The whole house is full of dolls and every time I open the closet it feels like Chucky is attacking me making everyone laugh.

In fact, the appearance of the doll he showed shocked the audience.

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With a round face, bright eyes, and a small, chubby body, he looks very much like a real baby. However, because it looks awkwardly like a human, it gives me an eerie feeling.

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It is a theory of robotics related to how humans relate to robots or non-humans and was first discovered in 1970 by Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori.

As a non-human thing such as a robot becomes more and more like a human, sympathy increases, and when it reaches a certain point, it suddenly feels a strong rejection.

A photo of the doll posted on Twitter caused people to experience an “unpleasant phenomenon”.

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However, not all knitted dolls are so unpleasant. Knitted dolls are always popular abroad.

When you look at the work of famous influencers who make and sell crochet dolls, you will be amazed by their amazing visuals and incredible detail.

Comparing this with the published crochet doll, it can be seen that the crochet doll looks more like a real person.

Netizens who encountered a knitted doll that caused discomfort reacted enthusiastically, such as, “It’s not a doll, it’s too real like a human, so it’s scarier”, “It looks like horror”, etc.

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