Korean mens: “It doesn’t matter what size a woman’s breasts are”

In the course of an anonymous survey, the following conclusions were made.

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Unexpected Results Revealed When Men Openly Reveal Their Breast Preferences.

Netizen mens showed their taste to the fullest in the survey: do you pay attention to breast size?

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Recently, in an online community focused on men, women were discussing what kind of breasts men would like.

Male netizens who saw the discussion generally responded that they disagreed with their logic.

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Contrary to the opinion of women who believe that shape is more important than size, the majority of male netizens said: “Even if saggy, big breasts are good.”

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They said: “Small is bad”, “Glamour is always better than small”, “If you say that you like small breasts because of your shape, you are trying to console your girlfriend”, “You can’t openly say that tall is it’s good in front of shorty. It’s the same”.

What was surprising was the consensus that glamorous breasts that borrowed the power of medicine are better than small breasts. Netizens stated: “Medicine has gotten better these days” and “I prefer plastic breasts over small ones.” Some commented, “Size doesn’t really matter, it’s just fine if it’s breasts.”

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The women were surprised to hear these male voices, and the men cautiously sympathized.

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