“If you breathe through your mouth in your sleep, your face will be deformed…” The simplest advice for dealing with oral breathing problems

– Mouth breathing during sleep causing sleep disturbance
“Can be improved with highly elastic compression bands.”

Recently office worker A didn’t feel rested when he woke up in the morning and his mouth was dry. Why?

The reason is mouth breathing. Most people tend to ignore this, saying, “Is mouth breathing a big problem?”

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One of the most important in appearance is the shape of the face. If you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose, the upper jaw does not grow, but only the lower jaw lengthens, and the bridge of the nose may narrow, the chin may be crooked, malocclusion or protrusion of the lips.

In addition, the average acidity of the mouth drops to 3.6 pH, which creates a favorable environment for the development of caries and causes problems such as a hump due to an unconscious forward tilt of the head. It can also interfere with sleep, causing memory loss and drowsiness.

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If you were thinking, “Is this completely my story?” you might be lucky to have stumbled upon this article. If you are determined to change your sleep pattern to a comfortable and healthy sleep, it’s time to put it into practice without delay any longer.

The method known to be the most effective as a solution to the problem of mouth breathing is the use of a highly elastic compression band. Among them, “Kokkonenne Band” is well known as a popular product, which not only improves mouth breathing, but also reduces sagging and gives elasticity to the face.

It is an ergonomic elastic band that supports the skin and compresses the entire face. The economy of 11,500 won is also a popular factor. If you wear it from time to time, such as when you are relaxing or sitting, it helps to improve the elasticity of your face. (UP effect when used with cosmetics containing collagen ingredients!)

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In particular, the biggest benefit is that it is the best way to form good sleep habits. It doesn’t come off easily even if you toss and turn while you sleep and it interferes with opening your mouth and causes nasal breathing. The good thing is that the ears are not curled up or flattened due to the wide, triangular ear openings.

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This is a type of Velcro that can be slipped on and attached, so anyone can easily wear it without the hassle of assembling it separately. This is an OEKO-TEX safety certified product, so you can use it with confidence.

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Users commented: “It’s good that you can use it without any discomfort even in hot summer”, “I was worried about snoring and opening my mouth while sleeping, but things have improved a lot”, “My 2nd grade son in elementary school is doing well sleeping without opening his mouth~~ Thank you”.

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