Jo Yu Ri: I’m glad that fans praised the soundtrack of the “The Law Cafe” drama

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Singer Jo Yu Ri has reunited with fans by releasing a sentimental ballad fit for the fall season. This is the second soundtrack for the KBS 2TV dorama “The Law Cafe” released on the 13th titled “Can You Feel My Heart?”

In a written interview on the 18th, Jo Yu Ri said: “This opportunity came to me thanks to the production team of the dorama and I was honored to sing “Can You Feel My Heart?”

The Law Cafe” is a romantic drama about Kim Jungho (Lee Seung Gi), a former prosecutor and building owner, and Kim Yuri (Lee Se Young), a lawyer and tenant. The drama is based on a webtoon that has garnered more than 25 million readings.

Cho Yu Ri’s song “Can You Feel My Heart?” – is the theme of Kim Jungho’s (Lee Seung Gi) long-hidden feelings for Kim Yuri (Lee Se Young). Even before its release, this song was playing in the drama, stirring the hearts of the audience.

Jo Yu Ri said: “Before recording, I was shown the scene of the dorama beforehand, and I was able to sing, better understanding the mood of the song and the whole story. It felt really good to work on it.”


“Do you know my heart?
Can you feel it?
Can you look at me with tender eyes?
You’re like my last shelter.
Open quietly,
Can you feel my heart?”

“Can You Feel My Heart?” – is a song that gives comfort with a touching lyric and evokes emotion with a passionate melody that gradually intensifies as the song progresses. Jo Yu Ri, who expressed the essence of the song with her strong vocals, said: “The lyrics are very emotional and beautiful, it’s best to listen to the song while focusing on the lyrics.”

In June, Jo Yu Ri released the mini-album “Op.22 Y-Waltz: in Major” and performed the title song “Love Shh!” Jo Yu Ri, giving a sense of freshness with her rock and funk track “Love Shh!”, showed a wide range of genres with the ballad “Can You Feel My Heart?”

“The fans who came to the fanzine all really praised the song, which I’m very happy about; if the fans are happy, I’m happy, too.”

Meanwhile, Jo Yu Ri recently appeared on the webdrama “Mimicus” and has expanded into acting. She said: “I will continue to work hard on both doramas and music to show my different sides.”

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