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The singer of the hit song “If It Is Like Tonight” Park Jeon Un died after a long battle with cirrhosis of the liver

He died on the 17th at Asan Medical Center in Seoul at the age of 57.

news from 19.09.2022

Singer Park Jeon Un, who sang the hit song “If It Is Like Tonight,” died of a chronic illness.

According to the pop music industry on the 19th, Park Jeon Un passed away at the Asan Medical Center (Pyungnam District, Seoul) on the afternoon of September 17. Reportedly, due to cirrhosis of the liver and diabetes, the singer’s physical condition worsened, so he was hospitalized and prepared for surgery.

Park Jeon Un was a journalism student at Yeongsee University, and in 1987, he participated in the MBC Gangpyeong Song Festival, after which he became popular.

The singer debuted his first album, “Who, Me?” in 1989. The following year he caught the public’s attention with the soundtrack “When Tomorrow Comes” for the movie Good Morning, President, performed together with Oh Seok Joon and Jang Pil Soon. The song “On a Night Like Tonight” from the second album (1991), “In the Far Future” from the third album (1993), and “My Love Only for You” from the fourth album (1994) were also hits.

He won MBC’s “Top 10 Performers” song festival award (1992) and won “Singer of the Year” at the KBS Song Awards (1992, 1993, 1995). Since the release of his seventh album, Thank You, in 2002, he has not released any new albums. Lately he has been working on a new album together with singer Park Chunha.

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