Kim Min Ha: “A lot has changed because of Pachinko…I try to do my best in every moment.”

Actress Kim Min Ha showed an adorable image.

Kim Min Ha recently graced the cover of a fashion magazine. On the cover, she showed a unique mystery and charm on the theme of light and darkness of the white and black swan.

She captivated the set with her expressive combination of stunning figure and charm.
In an interview after the filming, Kim Min Ha said: “Thanks to Sungji in Pachinko, a lot of things have changed around me. The number of filming and interview requests has increased like today, and people are getting to know me more than before and seriously discussing future projects. I still can’t really feel it. Or rather, I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel. I’m just trying to do my best in every moment.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min Ha played the role of Sonji as a young girl in the Apple TV+ dorama “Pachinko.” “Pachinko” is a story that began out of forbidden love and writes an unforgettable chronicle of war and peace, love and separation, success and judgment along the way through Korea, Japan and the United States. Season 2 production has been confirmed.

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