Lee Sang Yeob was selected as the sole MC of Mnet’s “Artistock Game”

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Actor Lee Sang Yeob has been chosen as the sole host of Mnet’s new entertainment programme “Artistok Game”, as announced by his agency Woongbin NS on the 20th.

“Artistock Game” is a new concept music show dedicated to a “trading game” in which viewers become users who rate singers’ talents and trade their values. The idea is that a singer’s fate is determined by the user’s choice. “Artistock” is a combination of “Artist” and “Stock”, and the singers’ abilities become the users’ shares.

Lee Sang Yeob has proven his versatility and acting ability by starring in several dramas such as “Have Been There Once” and “Good Casting”, recently playing a role in the drama “Sixth Sense”. This is the first time he will be the sole MC of an entertainment programme.

“Artistok Game” is scheduled to premiere on 3 October at 9.20pm. The company said: “We plan to show the emotions of the participants sensitively and quickly in order to generate empathy and show steady progress.”

Translated by Uu

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