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“The Witch: Part 2” exclusive release on the 22nd on Wavve

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“The Witch: Part 2” (directed by Park Hoon-jung), released in June, will be released exclusively on Wavve.

Wavve announced on the 22nd, “The Witch: Part 2” will be released exclusively on OTT for the first time in Korea. Wavve’s monthly subscription users can enjoy both “The Witch: Part 1”, released in 2018, and “The Witch: Part 2” at no extra cost.”

This is an action film about the hidden nature of a girl with superhuman powers who enters the outside world for the first time. It is the second work in the ” The Witch” universe, created by director Park Hoon-jung and the crew of the original “The Witch: Part 1”.

Wavve’s manager Kim Do-hyung said: “Many people reviewed the first part before and after the release of “The Witch: Part 2”. Wavve plans to strengthen the exclusive lineup of new works by the end of the year, including “The Witch: Part 2” and “Seoul Ghost Stories“.

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